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Founded by Sesto Meucci and continued by his family, the brand has endured changes of history, fashion and style.  Footnotesonline carries the best of Sesto Meucci shoes for women.

Sesto Meucci of Florence owes its name to Sesto Meucci who started a business in women’s shoes intermediate trading with the USA in 1955, together with his wife Wanda and his sister Lorenza Meucci Nesi. After the death of Sesto Meucci, in 1967, his and her sister’s sons kept the business alive by founding a company that bears his name.Thanks to their energy and entrepreneur’s skills, the new company developed by enlarging both sales’ volumes and areas of activity. In fact the company entered the market in the UK, in Canada, Hong Kong and Australia. Furthermore, its business extended to trading shoes, leather, and shoemaking materials.

Thanks to its shoemaking technicians and to an associated company that specializes in quality control, Sesto Meucci of Florence checks every pair of shoes that its customers commissions, both during the production and before their shipment. Its continuous business volume’s growth and the constant acquisition of new customers are a brilliant benchmark of Sesto Meucci of Florence’s success in the shoemaking and shoe trading business.

From Sesto Meucci Company History